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In Cameron Highlands, we can harvest its prized Lilies year round and ship them within 24 hours of picking. Our Lilies are so fresh, they havent yet bloomed. Watch as they burst open into a magnificent display of color.

With the proper care, your Lilies will bloom over the next 3-4 days.

1) Cut 1 inch off the stems and remove leaves that fall below the water line.

2) Fill vase with water and add 1 packet of flower food.

3) Re-cut stems, change water and add second packet of flower food on day 3.

4) Keep your Lilies away from direct sunlight, heat and drafts.

5) To keep pollen from staining clothes, pull the stamen out when the Lily opens (use tape to remove any pollen that gets on clothes).


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Flowers are great for improving ambiance and can be used to create some remarkable decorative effects - especially when used in lieu of traditional home décor items. Instead of curtains, why not try a row of simple vases holding your favourite flower stems? Or, for art, how about hanging a vase of flowers instead of a watercolor? Now you get the picture. Don't just limit yourself to the living room... have some fun!


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