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Women Love Flowers

Tips for Guy Whether you aware of it or not, the average woman knows as much about flower varieties as the average man knows about the various makes and models of cars. And just the way a man will occasionally sit around and daydream about sports cars and how he might buy one someday, women too, will occasionally sit around and daydream about roses....and how he might buy some one day.

The wanting doesn't stop there, believe it or not, for there is still another want that is perhaps the most important to women and often the least understood by men when it comes to flowers. In addition to your thoughtfulness and the flowers themselves, women absolutely love having them delivered! The best time? When they aren't expecting it!

Why You Should Send Her Flowers

Sending flowers to a woman is one of the few truly storied and romantic practices that still exist in our culture. It's up there with buying woman jewelry, or sweeping her away to a tropical paradise for the weekend. Sending flowers, you will notice, is the least expensive of these practices.

By sending flowers to a woman, you will fulfill three key desires that most women have in a relationship; she is loved, she is beautiful, and the people around her think so too. What makes having flowers sent so much different?

The Answer Is In the Presentation

When you send a woman flowers, there are usually other women who will notice. For starters, every single woman within a 500 foot radius will immediately notice her when the flowers are delivered. For that moment, the woman is the center of attention, and the others begin to buzz about how lucky she is, how terrific you - the sender - must be, and how wonderful your life must be together. Getting a bouquet to her in front of co-workers is a woman's equivalent of a "slam-dunk".

The next step for the woman is to call every single person she knows that isn't within 500 feet of her, and tell them about the flowers. Her girlfriends, her mother, the will all know about the flowers within 24 hours of your gesture. They too, will all be envious of how wonderful your relationship must be together.

Finally, there are certain benefits to sending a woman flowers that you will also feel as a result of a chain reaction of events in her life. Benefits will vary from person to person. Keep her on her toes, be creative, be spontaneous, and you will be rewarded.


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