About Junie Florist

Our goal is to deliver beautiful flower bouquets and plants at the best prices from expert Florists and carefully selected growers.

We Build to Order With Only the Freshest Flowers

Our flowers are the best quality, from carefully selected growers (Cameron Highlands) and from the expert florists of Malaysia, the trusted name in fresh flowers.

Others promise fresh flowers shipped from the grower and delivered tomorrow. We can promise fresh flowers delivered by our expert florists and delivered today – see our Same Day Delivery collection.

Don’t be fooled…flowers from a florist are as fresh as flowers from a grower. We guarantee your recipient will receive the freshest flowers no matter what delivery date you choose. Plan ahead and select a future delivery date or make a spontaneous gesture with delivery today. At Junie Florist, you decide what’s right for you.

Great Deals

We like to spread the joy of fresh flowers by offering Great Deals on flowers of the moment. Great Deals are unbeatable savings from our suppliers that we happily pass along to you. Don’t be sorry you missed one of our Great Deals. 

Why Choose Us

Price Promise

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot to delight someone important to you. At Junie Florist we promise exactly that. Fresh, beautifully designed flowers for less than you’d expect to spend –starting at RM60.00.

Service Promise

Roses, Orchids, African daisy, Sunflower, Lilies…beautiful flowers are always appropriate and always appreciated. At Junie Florist, we’ll help you find the right gift fast and deliver it when you need it there.


We guarantee fresh, beautiful floral arrangements that your recipient will appreciate. Junie Florist is a trusted partner, the company that invented fresh floral delivery service.

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