Expressing your love with the words ‘I love you’ is effortless, but how can you show it? Choosing a romantic gift involves more than just sending the most expensive item. A well-considered present demonstrates the love you feel, with sentiment and emotion playing a crucial role.

So, what makes a gift romantic? Here are three of our Court Florist team’s top observations on what takes a gift to the romantic stratosphere:

  1. It’s always the thought that counts
    A gift chosen with the recipient in mind is incredibly romantic. You don’t need to spend a lot of money; the true value comes from selecting a gift from the heart that shows you understand the person.
  2. Romance has no schedule to follow
    Valentine’s Day is a special day, but nothing is more romantic than an unexpected and spontaneous declaration of love.
  3. Presentation matters
    While it may sound shallow, the packaging, delivery, and aesthetic impact of the gift are critical. The gift doesn’t need to be lavish to be romantic, but the box, ribbon, bow, and delivery all contribute to making it extra special.

As a favorite flower and gift shop in KL & Petaling Jaya, Junie Florist is experienced in helping clients find a suitable gift to express themselves. Whether it’s a gift for a new lover or a present to celebrate a long-lasting love, we have something for everyone.

Romantic roses

Roses are a perennial symbol of romance that stand the test of time and convey emotions without uttering a single word. Their timeless beauty makes them a wonderful gift for her, and with our same-day flower delivery service in Petaling Jaya, you can act on your impulse. Whether you prefer a striking single stem rose or our most sought-after romantic bundle of roses, Moet champagne, a George & Edi scented candle, and De Spa chocolates, traditional roses remain a top choice.



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