When it comes to flowers, they are often purchased to commemorate a significant moment, express a strong emotion, or to mark an important occasion, such as a prom or wedding. These occasions create memories that you may wish to preserve, and drying your flowers can provide a lasting reminder of those special times.

Drying flowers is an art that is experiencing a revival, and it’s not difficult to see why. Flowers possess a unique beauty when they have been preserved, even if their vibrancy is muted.

Here are three steps to drying your flowers successfully:

Step 1: Start the drying process while the flowers are still in bloom
It is crucial to begin the drying process while the flowers are at their peak and still looking their best. By drying fresh flowers, you prevent the petals from drooping or curling during the process. At Junie Florist, we only use fresh flowers sourced from local growers and markets to ensure quality and freshness, which is essential for achieving the best results.

Step 2: Hang the flowers to dry
Several methods can be used to dry flowers, including silica gel and microwaving, but hanging them out to dry is the traditional and most effective method. It is also the most visually pleasing. To air-dry flowers, separate the stems of the bouquet and remove any excess foliage. Bind the stems together in small bunches with elastic bands, as they reduce the risk of flowers falling to the ground. Then, hang the small posies upside down on a makeshift washing line in a cool, dark, and well-ventilated area for at least two weeks. Hanging the flowers upside down helps them retain their shape. Once the flowers have dried, you can use hairspray to help protect them before restructuring the bouquet.

Step 3: Store the dried flowers properly
If you are not displaying the flowers, proper storage is critical to ensure their longevity. Dried flowers are delicate and susceptible to damage, so it is vital to handle them with care. Use tissue paper to wrap them and store them in a cardboard box in a cool, dry environment. With proper care, your dried flowers can last for years.

At Junie Florist, we take great pride in crafting beautiful floral arrangements that our customers adore and cherish. Whether it’s our flower delivery service in KL or our stunning bridal and wedding flowers, each bouquet is a chance to create meaningful memories. Get in touch with us today by calling our hotline or contacting us online to discover more.


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